Spanish train

Mann, hab ich das lange nicht mehr gehört und jetzt geht’s nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.


And then the Lord he called for one more card,
But he drew the diamond eight,
And the Devil said to the son of God,
„I believe you’ve got it straight,
So deal me one for the time has come
To see who’ll be the king of this place,
But as he spoke, from beneath his cloak,
He slipped another ace…
(die Sau!, Anm. v. Oppa Eumel)


In der Live-Version *gänsehaut*

Und wo wir gerade dabei sind:

There were voices in the night – „Don’t do it!“
Voices out of sight – „Don’t do it!
Too many men have failed before
Whatever you do

Don’t pay the ferryman
Don’t even fix a price
Don’t pay the ferryman
Until he gets you to the other side

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